Akimbo, PI
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This is my portfolio index (PI) of all of my current and past projects. Development of websites, games, and mobile software is my primary focus. You can view some of my work below.

Profile (2019-now)
Internet domain registration data (whois) search engine.

UMGS (2018-now)
Universal guidelines for determining the current tier of any memes.

Deluxo (2018-2019)
Ethereum-based cryptocurrency primarily used for tipping.

Basically, this website is completely unnecessary. Akimbo is not some company or brand, it is just a quaint, little portfolio website that is used to host all of my internet projects. Plus, Akimbo is a nice name to operate under while developing things on the internet. The whole purpose of this website is to have a landing page that looks somewhat professional and is separate from my personal website.

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